Beghla Dial Kabbor (The graveyard mule)

Beghla rolbenzaken-vip-blog-com-4634941366Dial Kabbor seems to be a Moroccan legend that is still circulating today in the Atlas, although many people still believe today that this myth is indeed reality. Beghla Dial Kabbor (the graveyard mule), tells that a woman widowed by her husband should – according to tradition – follow three months of mourning during which she’s prescribed to dress in white, and especially have no contact whatsoever with another man.

If a woman does not respect this mourning, she’s said to turn into a mule in shackles at night, prowl dark streets and attack humans she crosses paths with. In this case, a knife should be planted into the ground so that the mule returns to her woman form. Many people at Imouzzer Kandar tell that they’ve already been dealing with Beghla Dial Kabbor.

Aicha Qandisha

Aicha Qandisha

A woman told the narrator of this myth: as she was staying at a friend’s who’d just lost her husband a few weeks back, she woke up nightly and heard disturbing moans. She looked and saw the woman turn into a beast & get out of the house. She swore that it was the truth…


Graveyard in the Atlas

 What is actually strange lies largely in the collective belief itself, and that many people watched this kind of phenomena only in this region of Morocco…


Translation by Jamil El Andaloussi



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