Interview Thursday: Nada AZHARI

Weekly Euphoria

Nada AZHARI, you have probably seen her at the MMMA 2015 (where she was nominated in the FUSION/ROCK category) or heard her angelic voice on a national radio station. A voice that takes you to places you’ve never dreamed of discovering.

nada azhari

We had a blast talking to her about her music, her inspiration and bit about her life.I’ll let you discover it through this interview.      

1. When did you first start singing?

Nada: I started singing since childhood like all kids do, but I took it seriously when I was around 15 or 16.      

2. Who else in your family sings?

Nada: Just me.    

3. Do you play any instruments?

Nada: I play guitar, but I really want to learn piano, I think it will allow me to discover new things in my music.  

4. For our readers who have never heard your…

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