Belt Road Initiative: An Anti-thesis of Colonialism


Recently, Western media and think tanks are spending a lot of time comparing Chinese initiative of New Silk Road also called Belt Road Initiative (BRI) with colonialism. While BRI is about infrastructural development throughout the globe, colonialism is with piracy, killing, anti-white racism, the deindustrialisation of Asia, systematic loot of resources, abduction, rape, slavery. So comparing BRI with colonialism is not only about negative publicity of BRI but also about giving colonialism a constructive face which is in fact not the case.

The beginning of the Western Civilisation

Western civilisation came into being with the rise of numerous Germanic tribes during the last days of the Western Roman Empire. Those tribes conquered huge parts of Western Roman Empire and gradually transformed from hunting tribal society to agro feudal society and later accepted Christianity. This process of transformation was complete by around 500 AD. Newly civilised Western people knew trade and…

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