Trump’s Trade War is destined to end the US hegemony


How British Empire Ended

In 1890s, USA and Germany exceeded Great Britain is terms of GDP, while Britain continued to dominate the seas. A problem came into being. Though USA was happy with total domination over Latin America, Germany was very frustrated by Britain’s geopolitical domination. This is because Britain continued to dominate European finance with smaller economy simply by its military domination over the seas and the lands of Asia and Africa and Oceania geopolitically. German Kaizer finally said, ‘there is a black magic, banking is the black magic’. Actually, Germany was larger economy but its currency was not dominating Europe. British pound was way ahead. This is because currency has two functions: store of value and medium of transactions. To fix a currency’s store of value any country needs strong geopolitical engagements. That is where Germany was falling behind despite having more production in terms of GDP. In…

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