Pompeo pushing for war in Iraq



While the President of the United States and the majority of the White House remains occupied with the coronavirus crisis. The death of General Soleimani, consequent ‘pull-out’ from Afghanistan and the USA’s gradual decline as the global policeman have had the hawks and the neocons in Washington distraught. While the US empire starts to decline, the US General White in his letter suggested the US to fully ‘pull-out’ from the country. This exemplifies that the Pentagon and the US military body is reluctant to go into further conflict in the Middle East region, as often pushed by the Warhawks and neocons such as Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State), John Bolton (former National Security Advisor) and Gina Haspel (CIA Director).


Since the illegal toppling of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has fallen under the influence of Iran. The Shia-Sunni cold war has been waging ever since. Prior to the fall of…

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