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Permanent War vs. Prosperity

Originally posted on Philippine – BRICS Strategic Studies:
By Herman Tiu Laurel The World has just witnessed and trembled before the terrible prospect of global war triggered by the U.S. assassination of the Iranian military official and hero of many…

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Trump’s Trade War is destined to end the US hegemony

Originally posted on Qutnyti:
How British Empire Ended In 1890s, USA and Germany exceeded Great Britain is terms of GDP, while Britain continued to dominate the seas. A problem came into being. Though USA was happy with total domination over…

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Belt Road Initiative: An Anti-thesis of Colonialism

Originally posted on Qutnyti:
Recently, Western media and think tanks are spending a lot of time comparing Chinese initiative of New Silk Road also called Belt Road Initiative (BRI) with colonialism. While BRI is about infrastructural development throughout the globe,…

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China’s Global Leadership List – Charts and Facts, 2019

Originally posted on World Affairs:
A vast majority of Americans have absolutely no clue how advanced China has become. Look at the social media comments, and it’s clear that too many Americans – especially Trump supporters – are filled with…

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Brésil : Lula et Dilma lavés de tout soupçon de financement illicite du PT 

Originally posted on histoireetsociete:
6 Décembre 2019, 18:30pm |Publié par Bolivar Infos Le juge fédéral Marcus Vinicus Reis Bastos a lavé de tout soupçon mercredi l’ex-président Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva accusé de soi-disant association de malfaiteurs. « Devant un juge…

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Emma Goldman

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Qui l’eût cru ? Le Venezuela clôture l’année dans un climat de normalité. Pas vraiment les pays voisins…

Originally posted on Venezuela infos:
L’auteure: Fania Rodrigues, journaliste brésilienne en poste à Caracas L’année s’achève dans un climat de normalité au Venezuela. Malgré la succession de tentatives de déstabilisation, ce pays d’Amérique du Sud boucle 2019 sans changements majeurs…

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